Zero-Squat Glute Workout

Squats. I personally love them. I appreciate the burn they activate, the toning they promote and the long-term results they deliver... but if you're not a fan of the good old squat or if you have a weakness that prevents you from reaping the benefits of them then listen up! Here are FIVE amazing exercises that will work those glute muscles helping your derriere to … Continue reading Zero-Squat Glute Workout

Half Marathon Training

I had roughly 6 months to train for the 2017 Cardiff Half Marathon and, in the early days, I'd run merely once a week with a few gym sessions in between. Months down the line and I realised this wasn't cutting it. And that's when I created this plan. If you're thinking entering a 10K, … Continue reading Half Marathon Training

Fit Bit Vs Apple Watch

"Now, this is your main present" my Mum told me on Christmas morning, handing me a clumsily wrapped rectangular box. My instinct was that underneath this golden gift wrap and tinsel would be, I don't know, a Parker pen, a jewellery box,  an electric toothbrush perhaps?  "It's a Fit Bit!" she blurted out, before I … Continue reading Fit Bit Vs Apple Watch