Personal training with Anna Vitality

When looking for a personal trainer, the very first thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want to gain from this? I've never had to ask myself that question as I've never had a personal trainer. (Which is kind of like wanting to be a comedian having never seen a comedy show, … Continue reading Personal training with Anna Vitality

The Meadow Cafe

A rustic interlude, bridging you from the coast to the city (however small this 'city' may be.) Located in the heart of St David's, West Wales, The Meadow Coastal Cafe is one of the quirkiest, most homely cafe's I've ever stumbled across. Here you can expect the freshest of Welsh flavours, from breakfast through to dinner, … Continue reading The Meadow Cafe

Feelings on Forever Living

The hype surrounding the American cosmetic brand Forever Living has always, for me, been a bit of a conundrum. I've bought their products, I've tried their nutritional supplements, I've completed their Clean 9 detox (involving mild starvation and the drinking of aloe vera gel.....I think most people would lose weight doing this, don't you?) and … Continue reading Feelings on Forever Living

Zero-Squat Glute Workout

Squats. I personally love them. I appreciate the burn they activate, the toning they promote and the long-term results they deliver... but if you're not a fan of the good old squat or if you have a weakness that prevents you from reaping the benefits of them then listen up! Here are FIVE amazing exercises that will work those glute muscles helping your derriere to … Continue reading Zero-Squat Glute Workout