“Let’s go to Paris” he said. “We could go for your birthday, see Kenrick Lamar, tick another city off our list?”  he said.

Oh how clueless I was to what ‘Paris’ really entailed.


It was freezing. Bloody bitter. But we didn’t care. We’d just arrived at our air bnb, had a quick freshen up and headed straight back out. We strolled around the corner (literally, the corner of the building) and there it was. One of the worlds most iconic structures.

La Tour Eiffel.


We gazed up and took in it’s grandeur. Languages from all over the world, along with a bitterly cold wind, fluttered around us, welcoming us to the city while hundreds of unfamiliar faces glanced upwards, almost in unison, at this contrastingly familiar structure.

Less than half an hour goes by and I find myself posing for a photo, my man at my side, supposedly being told in French by a young student to “say cheese’ or something to that effect. James and I grinned, giggling slightly, as we posed in front of the group of teens, with the infamous landmark as our backdrop. “Just one more?” James said, as the Parisian indicated she was satisfied with her photography skills. So, back to our spot we shuffled to pose for one last snap.

Then …something magical happened.

At approximately five to three on the 24th February, just a few days before my birthday, just an hour after arriving in the most romantic city in the world, there he was…

My favourite person in the world. In front of the Eiffel Tower. Down on one knee.

Asking me to marry him.


Of course I said yes!


As you can imagine, I was rather comfortably sat on cloud 9 for quite some time and I wasn’t prepared to come down. It felt so unbelievably spontaneous and yet, unbeknown to me, dozens of our friends and family members were sat at home in Cardiff waiting eagerly for the “she said YES” WhatsApp to come through!

I cried, laughed and gleamed with happiness for a good 48 hours. Nothing else could top that feeling.


Day 2.

Le Louvre was the first on my list of things to do (admittedly, slightly less nerve racking  compared to the first thing on James’ list!) We saw three rooms in the museum, viewed and examined countless, fascinating fragments from the past and were in absolute awe of everything.  It wasn’t until we were on our Hop-on Hop-off bus tour the next day that we were informed (via the pre-recorded guide over enthusiastic voice coming through our earphones) that to view every antique, artefact and monument in La Louvre it would take approximately two YEARS.

fullsizeoutput_47IMG_2962      fullsizeoutput_48

During our trip, we saw the usual sights of Paris; l’Arc de Triomphe, La Cathédrale Notre Dame, and obviously, La Tour Eiffel. Here are some of my favourite snaps from our trip:


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