A What Bag?

Part 1:

For my Birthday my Sister decided she’d treat me to a new handbag. Now, that’s something I’ve been able to say before. But this bag was different. This bag was special. This… was an O bag.

Until my trip to Bulgaria last month I had no idea what they were. I’d never heard of them nor seen one. The night we arrived at my Sister’s home I noticed this unusual bag sitting in the hallway. The next morning I noticed it again and my curiosity grew stronger. It was unlike any bag I’d ever seen before. The more my Sister caught me eyeing up her cream and brown O bag the more she knew I secretly wanted one for myself. So towards the end of the holiday she did something crazy.

“Ann, get yourself to the Mall and get yourself an O bag. Choose whatever combo you want and I’ll pay for it. It’s your birthday soon after all… I know you want one.”

So, that’s exactly what I did. I jumped in the next taxi, made my way to Paradise Shopping Mall and headed straight for the O bag Store. And there they were…


There were so many colours, variations, sizes and materials to choose from. They had just about every colour you could imagine as well as different style straps, charms, patterned inserts, plain inserts, woolen trims, furry trims, pom poms and pretty much anything to make your bag as personalised as possible. Whatever you wanted, they’d have.


I would’ve gone for something wild and wonderful but then I thought to myself, if this is going to be my new favourite bag that I’m going to be using every day then it should be something that’ll go with my everyday looks. Black on black? Brown on beige? It was hard to draw a line between where boring ends and subtle and stylish starts? But I got there in the end… and here it is:



I chose the O-bag Mini in pale grey, a black faux fur trim (that’s unbelievably soft), real leather long handles and a simple black canvas insert. My luxury, Italian, one-of-a-kind handbag, was perfect.

I love my sister for introducing O bag to me but it’s also kind of annoying as it’s kicked off a new craze inside of me. I’m always looking for new ideas online for ways in which I could make my O bag different depending on the occasion/outfit/season. For example, Spring is upon us and I’m thinking of taking off the faux-fur trim and swapping the black handles for the baby pink chunky ones. Then, when Summer arrives I could invest in the short, white rope handles and swap the black insert for something lighter, more colourful or perhaps patterned. That’s what’s so great about them. They leave you with that room to be creative and to think outside the box. The bag is never ‘finished’. There’s always the opportunity to add to the journey. The story is never-ending.

The online shop isn’t that great as they have limited options compared to what you’d get in the physical store. So, if you’re curious about them or maybe even thinking about getting one yourself (but don’t fancy travelling to Bulgaria to the shop in which I designed and bought mine) then fear not- because there’s two O bag stores in the UK. One in London and the other in Birmingham. So, the next time you’re in either of these two cities, make sure you pop in and have a look!


Part 2: What’s Inside

1.My Purse


Unfortunately River Island are no longer selling this gorgeous purse I had given to me for Christmas. However, if you’re anything like me and love your River Island purses as much as you love your embroidery then check these two similar alternatives out:

River Island Purse 1
River Island Purse 2

2. Mini Handbag Smellies:


Because I hate the thought of scratching my full-sized perfume bottles I always pop a mini version in my bag for when I need a top up. This handy sized bottle came with a Flowerbomb gift set I bought from FeelUnique.com last year and it’s still going!

3. Moisturiser

I think it’s really important to keep your skin moisturised and so I keep my Nivea cream with me at all times. It has a subtle smell and isn’t too oily. Perfect to use as a primer as well as body/hand cream.


4. Healthy Snacks

Keeping a couple of energy bars in my bag is a must. I tend to get hungry quite often, whenever and wherever so having a snack at hand is a great way to keep feeling energised and not grabbing a less healthy alternative while I’m out and about

dsc00458     dsc00457

5. Makeup Bag


My makeup bag literally stays in my bag and comes with me everywhere I go. It’s from Oysho, one of my favourite underwear /pajama shops. They sell the prettiest cosmetic bags around (as well as great gym clothes and gorgeous slippers!) In my bag I keep a mini Mac mascara, a small sample tub of my studio sculpt foundation, my chunky kabuki brush from Eco Tools (which takes up a lot of room), a chap stick and my go-to Velvet Teddy Lippy.

6. Notebook

dsc00444 Because I’m old school I always like to carry a notebook with me. I like to make to-do lists regularly and, if my phones on low battery and I want to remember something, I’ll scribble it down using pen and paper, like old times, rather than typing it into my notes. (Blond Amsterdam is another favourite brand of mine introduced to me by my Sister)

7. My Trusty iPhone

Not much to say about this one other than it’s defo staying in my bag when I’m behind the wheel. £200 + 6 points? No thanks. dsc00452

Thanks for reading and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Anna Vitality


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