My Top Workout Apps

Whether your goal is to lose weight, become fitter, or to complete your first half marathon, these five apps are for SURE going to help you get to where you want to be.

Map My Run Trainer:
Ok so, I’ve been using this app for the last two weeks to help me plan when my cardio days are and to basically help to improve my overall stamina. It creates a training schedule organising where your rest days, short workouts, interval training sessions and long runs fall and provides you with runner’s tips which are great when it comes to what to eat and how to take care of your muscles after a run. Just what you need, eh?

Nike Training Club:
Thinking about investing in a personal trainer? Well, don’t. Seriosuly. Don’t. Just download this app and you’re good to go. It has all the expert guidance and fitness tips you need as well as providing you with the motivation you need to really get fit. Like Map My Run, it too has personalised training plans that will help you get to where you want/need to be. Not only that but it also has workout videos that help with posture, form and general guidance.

8fit and Fitocracy:
To be honest, these two apps are both equally as effective and engaging when it comes to workout plans, ideas and nutritional advice. I recently downloaded both and with 8Fit I even went for the premium verison (as it has a 30 day free trail). I find that they’re both extremely personnalisable and are both great when it comes to needing that little bit of extra motivation.

FitStar by FitBit:
This one basically helps the FitBit lovers among us to get the most out of our gadgets. It syncs with your workouts, suggests new exercises and pushes you to the limits, encouraging you to work that little bit harder. Nice.

Womens Health:
I’m a big Women’s Health fan and tend to buy the hard copy magazine on a monthly basis (I’m quite old school and like to flick through the pages and have it look nice on my desk.) However, if you’re a busy commuter, on the go all day or want to make the most of your iPad or whatever tech you may have then the W.H app will suffice for sure.

Daily Yoga:
This coaching app is something different. It provides newbies with the basics of yoga, introducing them to various classes, scheduled plans and meditation tracks. It was put together by eight different yoga experts and offers more than 100 yoga/meditation exercises and has 500 poses for you to practice and try. With soothing music and all the tutorials you need you literally could well be taking part in the finest of yoga classes on a tropical beach in Hawaii….kind of.

So there you have it, my top favourite fitness apps.


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